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Blendshape and kinematics calculator for Mediapipe/Tensorflow.js Face, Eyes, Pose, and Finger tracking models.


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Kalidokit is a blendshape and kinematics solver for Mediapipe/Tensorflow.js face, eyes, pose, and hand tracking models, compatible with Facemesh, Blazepose, Handpose, and Holistic. It takes predicted 3D landmarks and calculates simple euler rotations and blendshape face values.

As the core to Vtuber web apps, Kalidoface and Kalidoface 3D, KalidoKit is designed specifically for rigging 3D VRM models and Live2D avatars!

NOTE: This is a JS library meant for developers using Mediapipe pretrained models and not a complete app by itself. Please visit Kalidoface for the full vtuber experience 😉!


Face and Body Tracking for VRM 3D models on the web.


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A sequal to Kalidoface which supports Live2D avatars, Kalidoface 3D is a web app that brings support for 3D Vtuber avatars. It now features more dynamic camera angles, and even full-body tracking options using the latest Mediapipe human pose detection models. Add the web app to your homescreen to use it in standalone full screen or even use it in OBS as a browser object directly.

Gaze Tracking

This is a Python (2 and 3) library that provides a webcam-based eye tracking system. It gives you the exact position of the pupils and the gaze direction, in real time.

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